Update 29th December 2020
-Fixed bug with database access in MySQL 8.
Update 16th December 2020
-Fixed application error that appears when mail protocol is changed to SMTP
Update 4th December 2020
-Released version 3
-Changed framework to Laravel
-Added new payment and sms gateways
-Implemented new themes
-Complete user interface upgrade
-And lots more!
Update 1st September 2020
-Fixed invalid character display on forum
Update 27th August 2020
-Fixed database access error in resource constrained servers
Update 3rd August 2020
-Enabled white labeling feature to remove help search
-Fixed some missing language entries.
Update 27th July 2020
-Added Mp3 upload/playback support
-Added feature for changing upload limit of file manager.
-Upgraded API to support Zoom and Local video playback for mobile app version
-Disabled right click in video player page to remove video download option.
Update 22nd July 2020
-Added local video hosting and management feature. Now upload video files directly to your server and embed into your online courses!
Update 17th July 2020
-Added sub-category feature for courses
Update 29th June 2020
-Fixed Zoom not working in on Webkit browsers
Update 19th June 2020
-Added PayTabs payment gateway
-Added Twilio SMS gateway
Update 9th June 2020
-Fixed bug with Surveys feature
Update 21st May 2020
-Fixed bug with file browser (for image selection) not opening when language is in French.
-Added white labeling feature in student dashboard.
Update 15th May 2020
-Added feature for white labeling the backend i.e. removing all TrainEasy branding
-Fixed student registration bug via api
Update 15th May 2020
-Upgraded currency display to format currency based on locale.
Update 2nd May 2020
-Added Zoom integration
Update 30th April 2020
-Fixed bug with arabic text in pdf documents
-Enhanced full screen image slideshow during online courses to automatically change the current lecture page underneath
Update 16th April 2020
-Added feature for duplicating classes
Update 14th April 2020
-Added easy to use application update feature
-Added feature for embedding Iframes into text editor
Update 10th April 2020
-Fixed permissions issue with fresh installs/upgrade
-Upgraded CKEditor: added pluggin for embeding Video files from Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo etc.
Update 5 March 2020
-Fixed some language bugs
-Fixed dependence of php Tidy class in some areas
-Upgraded Google recaptcha to use CURL to prevent file_get_contents error
-Fixed infinite redirect issue on lecture page
-Fixed email confirmation bug
-Fixed bug on downloads creation page
-Added Firefox incompatibility notice for certificate design
Update 21 February 2020
-Fixed bug with forum topic creation
-Added ability for admin to delete invoices
-Made contact form use email settings
-Fixed some language errors
Update 25 October 2019 (v2.1)
-Added Survey feature.
-Minor bug fixes
Update 5 October 2019 (v2.1)
-Added support for multiple languages. 18 Languages supported out of the box
-Fixed some security vulnerabilities.
Update 3 July 2019 (v2.0)
-Upgrade to version 2.0! We have made major additions to traineasy including adding the learning management system, reports, customizable notifications, support for multiple frontend themes and lots more!
Update 14 June 2019 (v1.6.1)
-Student UI Upgrade: We have completely overhauled the student user interface (Frontend). The new design is a modern and clean layout
-Course cover photo: We have added the ability to add a cover photo to courses (sessions).
Update 7 June 2019 (v1.6)
-PHP 7 Support: Added support for PHP 7
-Homework Feature: Added Homework feature. Instructors can now post homework for students and grade submissions
Update13 September 2017 (v1.4)
-Download management: There is now a powerful download management feature which enables admins/instructors easily share files with students in a secure manager. Downloads can be assigned to sessions which will force them to be accessible only to enrolled students.
-Students now have an informative dashboard that shows recent sessions, enrolled sessions, discussions, downloads and revision notes. Also, the student’s portal interface is now separate from the rest of the front-end.
-The certificate designer can now display the dates for classes attended
-Bug fix for admin password reset.
Update 22 June 2017 (v1.3)
-Certificate Generation: Admins can now design certificates and letters that students can download.
-New Theme: Upgraded the frontend and backend themes.
-Bug Fixes.
Update 8. Mar. 2017 (v1.1)
-Instructor management: Users can now assign instructors to their classes. Assigned instructors are also visible on the timetable on the frontend.
-File/Image upload field on registration form: The student registration form builder now supports a file fields. Now students can attach images and documents to their profiles. Acceptable file types include jpg, png, gif, png, doc and docx.
-Time fields for classes: Users can now specify the start and end time for classes when they are being assigned to sessions (on the session creation/editing page).
-Automatic reminders for classes: The system can now send out automatic email notifications for upcoming classes to students and instructors. Please see updated documentation for more information and configuration instructions.
-Some minor bug fixes and layout enhancements.
Update 12. Mar. 2017 (v1.2)
-Added importing and exporting student records
-Some minor bug fixes